Turkish Vegan Dishes 🌱

Sometimes i sit down thinking about the variety of possibilities when it comes to Vegan dishes. It can be meditarrenean dishes, it can be Asiatic, African perhaps?

But in the end i think how is it possible that we don’t experience more, that we don’t try different things. Why don’t we get out of our confort zone?

This is something magic, it’s one step forward from our dreams, from so many adventures we could never make if we stayed in Confort zone!

We should embrace more our neighbors from Asia continent, all the part of the world that  Europe trys to reject, when in many ways they have such good things to offer, to teach, to give wonderful experiences among other things.

I hope this can bring you some new “mezze” for the comfort of your home and make you think about Turkey in other way, a better one.

Tell me if you have tried some of this or if have you ever been to this beautiful country. I would love to hear about your experience. 😀

Gözleme (Looks like a pancake)

Is often stuffed with potato and spinach, just double check if they do not stuff it with cheese and if it’s not used any butter while cooking it.


Çiğ Köfte (It means “meat ball”)

Used to be cooked with meat as the name says but forward became to be vegan made up with bulgur wheat rice.

It can be found in specialty shops and street sellers. Usually it is spicy or more spicy as an option and  flavored with pomegraned sauce.


Zeytinyağlı Enginar  ( The first word means with olive oil)

This dish is typically eaten cold.  Enginar type of this dish is the bottom of the artichoke filled with peas, potato, and carrots.


Dolma (Stuffed with grape leaf, pepper, eggplant, or zucchini varieties)

dolma zuchini e pper.JPG

zeytinyağlı fasülye (green beans)

zeytinyağlı fasülye.jpg

 barbunya (kidney beans)



Check if they do not use eggs or butter. Ask for the diebetic version.

Acılı Ezme

This is a spicy dish, very frenquently in  turkish dinner table, where you can eat it with bread. Normally made up with diced tomato, red bell pepper, garlic and parsley.


Patlıcan Ezmesi 

Eggplant puree  with olive oil, vinegar and garlic. Sometimes with tomato and parsley.

There is other versions of this dish that are vegan as well.


Kısır (Visual looks like some kind of tabuleh)

This dish is made with fine bulgur rice, onions, tomatoes, olive oil among other ingredients. Kısır is a good complimentary dish to so many other Turkish foods and normally  it’s found next to the salads at some “a la carte” restaurants.




Turkish street food bread covered in sesame seeds, no dairy or eggs are used.

Imagine this with some vanilla cream inside ! I must try it 😀


Mısır ( Simples baked corn)

The only ingredient used is salt.

turkey corn street food



I hope this gave you some next meal ideas! I pretend to learn every single vegan turkish dish as well as some of the many vegan sweets with pistachio that they have!

I will share the recipes when i get the opportunity to try them at home 😀

About candies i can tell you that many of them are vegan just be sure to double check! 

If you have eaten some other vegan turkish dish tell us about it !

Small guide for those visiting Turkey

I am vegan –  Ben veganım / I am vegetarian –  Ben vejetaryenim
I do not eat anything that comes from an animal – Hayvansal hiçbir şey yemiyorum
I eat only products of plant origin – Sadece bitki kaynaklı ürünler tüketiyorum

I do not eat meat Et yemiyorum / I do not eat fish Balık yemiyorum
I do not consume dairy products – Süt ve süt ürünleri tüketmiyorum
I do not eat butter  – Ben tereyağı yemem / I do not eat milkBen süt yemem
I do not eat eggs –  Ben yumurta yemem / I do not eat gelatin – Ben jelatin yemiyorum.


Lexie Prada


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