The body you want – The workout you need

Do you want a body like these?

*1 picture – Mischa Janiec (He is Plant Based Eater) *2 picture – Hipertrophy facebook page

Don’t you have motivation or time to get to  gym?

Here’s your way out to get a body just like you want!

This is an example of 2 gym products you can buy in Portugal, check in you country stores for similar.


 Weight  Lifting Dumbbells 30kg(2 suitcases) = 69,99€

This product can  be mounted as 2 dumbbells (for biceps, triceps, back, chest) or as a long bar about 1.32 meters (for all the exercises mentioned above and for squats and other exercises involving glutes and legs)

Example of where to buy(In PT):



Wall Lifting Bar = 19,99€

This product is fixed in your wall (there’s another one for 29,99€ for the door), you can do back, chest and abs exercises and you will still training your biceps and triceps.

Example where to buy (In PT):

Medium Effort workout Plan  – 5 series

-> 12KG – Squats = 30 reps
-> Body Weight – Push-Ups = 20 reps
-> 8kg – Back & shoulder = 20 reps
-> 8 kg -Triceps & Biceps – 30 reps each
-> Body Weight – Lifting Bar Abs exercises = 20 reps
-> Body weight – Lifting bar Back Exercise – 25 reps
-> 10kg – Dead weight Exercise (for Glutes) = 20 reps


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