Hey (:

My name is Lexie Prada and i’ve turned into lactovegetarian on the 3th May 2015, since then i’ve start moving into restricted vegetarian and start to use only vegan products, until now i can say that i am on a  Vegan lifestyle, where i learn everyday and i change a bit of my consumition lifestyle everyday.

I’ve had tones of blogs, but there was never the ONE, that i would love with all my heart, that i would give everthing of me. But now i feel that I AM this blog, i write when i feel the anxiety to share something with the world, when i feel that what i’ve experience can make a differente in someone’s life, even if it’s just a new vegan brand that i’ve discovered, for example.

This blog is where i write with my heart, and with my passion for the vegan life, it is all i want to share with you and it is one of the ways i’ve choose to help others in this beautiful round.



I want to divulgate truth and helpful information all around the world ! (:


Thank you for your visit, thank you for reading this.


Lexie Prada